Bullet Points

    The Hubble constant is an acceleration constant

    The Hubble constant is describing a fifth fundamental force of nature

    Dark matter does not exist

    The Hubble acceleration constant can only be constant if time is and always       has been exapnding

    The universe has its own system of time, herein called cosmological time, and all nature’s  fundamental   constants adhere to it,

    Time and mass are inversely related and the expansion of time causes the release of energy.

    Gravitational energy is a consequence of the effects of the expansion of time on mass.

    It is the expansion of the universe that is the cause of universal time slowing

    Hydrogen fusion absorbs energy. It is endothermic

    Enceladus provides the  best proof of the expansion of time and its effect on mass

    The background microwave radiation cannot  be the residue of any Big Bang

    The age of the universe cannot be 13.7 billion years